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NEWS and Events (Department of English Linguistics and Literature)


Students from English Department visit Lahore Fort and Quaid e Azam Library :

Students of master and BS classes from Lahore Leads University’s English Department visited Lahore Fort and Quaid e Azam Library. This study tour led and arranged by Lecturer Fraaz Mahmud Kasuri was planned to let students know about the importance of historical places in Lahore. At Lahore Fort, Curator Anjum Dara received the students and provided them with a guide who explained the glorious record of the fort. At Quaid e Azam Library, Chief Protocol Officer Ms Ayesha welcomed the students and told them all the necessary information about different sections of the library. Here, the students were asked to develop the habit of reading books and were also given the membership cards to be the members of the library. The visit, all in all, was a learning and inspiring experience for everyone.


One-day Study Trip of Department of English Linguistics and Literature to Nazria Pakistan Trust :

The Department of English Linguistics and Literature arranged a one-day study trip to Nazria Pakistan Trust for the students on Thursday, September 10th, 2015. Students of BS (Hons) and MA English attended the activity and watched a documentary named Dastaan-e-Shujaat on war heroes of 1965. Nazria Pakistan Trust gifted 26 books for the library of the university while all the students were also given books and magazines individually. One of the students participated in the competition of National Songs as well. All the coordination was done by Mr. Fraaz Mahmud while other faculty members, i.e. Mr. Liaqat, Ms. Sana Akram and Ms. Anila Iram also accompanied.


Second National Workshop on Research Methods :

Second National Workshop on Research Methods was held from 7th to 8th March, 2015 at Main Campus, Lahore Leads University. Renowned and acclaimed academicians from various universities participated in this workshop including Prof. Dr. Iqbal Butt from UOC, Prof. Dr. M. Ramzan from LUMS, Prof. Dr. Sarwat Rasool from FJWU and Prof. Dr. Shafiq ur Rehman from PU. Certificates and souvenirs were bestowed upon participants and guest speakers. The organizers of the workshop were Dr Athar Khurshid, Ms. Tenzila Khan, Ms. Shumaila Ahmad and Mr. Fraaz Mehmood.






Resource Person


7th March

1:oopm- 4:00 pm

Proposal/Thesis development

Prof. Dr. Iqbal Butt,   UOG


7th March

4:00pm- 7:00 pm

Managing Quantitative Data with SPSS

Prof. Dr. M.  Ramzan , LUMS


8th March

9:30am- 12:30 pm

Qualitative and Quantitative Research


Prof. Dr. Sarwat Rasool., FJWU


8th March

12:30 pm-1:00 pm 1:3010 11112:30 pm

Lunch/Prayer break



8th March

1:00 pm- 7:00 pm

Managing Qualitative Data with NVIVO


Prof. Dr. Shafiq ur Rehman, PU


8th March

7:00 pm- 7:30 pm

Certificates Distribution to the Participants



8th March, 2015

A Trip to Murree
A trip to hilly area (Murree) arranged to provide a temporary respite from studies for M.A (4th & 2nd) semesters’ students on 12th May, 2015. The event was organized by the department of English Linguistics and Literature. The convener of the event, Ms. Shumaila Ahmad and Ms. Tenzila Khan along with the students and faculty member(s) of the department left from city campus of Lahore Leads University. The main destinations of this trip were "The Mall Road", "Patriatta", "Lake View Park" and "Faisal Mosque". At round 11 pm, we sat in our coaster to return and we reached Lahore at 4: 50 at City Campus. Overall it proved to be a wonderful trip boosting and preparing students for further academic tasks.
12th May, 2015

Farewell Party in Honor of the Passing out Students of M.A English
The department of English Linguistics and Literature organized a farewell party in honor of the passing out students of M.A English on Friday, 29th May, 2015 at Kamahan Campus. Mr Ashhad Ahmad (Registrar) along with Dr. Mahmood Ahmad Azhar (Head of the Department) chaired the event. The Convener of the event Ms. Shumaila Ahmad, Ms. Sana Akram, Ms. Tenzila Khan and Ms. Mubbara Khan organized the ceremony. The event formally started with recitation of holy Quran. The host students of English department (2nd semester of M.A English & BS English) enacted certain entertaining skits and mimicked their senior fellows. Chief Guest appreciated the talent of students displayed, especially in the performance of HAMLET and JOGGIE. The ceremony was concluded by the HoD, Dr Mahmood Ahmad Azhar who lauded the efforts of junior students and also asked the senior students to play their role in the uplift of the repute of their department in particular and the university in general by displaying better while competing with the students of other universities and institutions. At the end he thanked all the organizers of the event, especially Ms. Shumaila and Ms. Sana.
29th May, 2015

A visit to LUMS Library Leads Literary Society under the aegis of Department of English Linguistics and Literature arranged a study tour of its students to the library of LUMS. LUMS Library Chief Librarian Dr Ramzan gave a thorough lecture on 'How to Conduct Research'. All the students from the department were the participants while HoD Dr Mahmood Ahmad Azhar, Lecturer Asad Habib and Lecturer Fraaz Mahmud also attended the session.

Peace Walk Peace Walk was held at Lahore Leads University's Kamahan Campus on Monday in connection with World Tolerance Day. According to the details, Leads Literary Society under the Department of English Linguistics and Literature held the Peace Walk with reference to the World Tolerance Day. A large number of students holding placards participated in the walk thus supporting the prevalence of acceptance, tolerance and coexistence in the society. English Linguistics and Literature HoD Dr Mahmood Ahmad Azhar, Students Affairs Director Mustafeez Alvi, Mass Communication HoD Dr Hassan Faruqi, Lecturer Ms Rizwana Chaudhry and Lecturer Fraaz Mahmud were the participants. Dr Mustafeez Alvi while talking about the World Tolerance Day said students need to establish peace in and outside the university. Dr Mahmood Ahmad Azhar said, "To lead a peaceful life, we should take things as human beings and never think negative."

Leads Book Fair Leads Literary Society organised Leads Book Fair at its Kamahan Campus on November 20th, Thursday. Vice Chancellor Dr Safdar Mehmood, along with HoD English Linguistics & Literature Dr Azhar, Registrar Dr Arshad, Convener of the book fair Rizwana Chaudhry, Lecturer Fraaz Mahmud, Lecturer Mian Jawed and Lecturer Muhammad Yousaf, did the ribbon cutting ceremony. Dr Safdar appreciated the convener and said congratulations to Dr Azhar for providing the students with an opportunity to read books in this modern world. The book fair which would benefit the students for three further days is being attended well by the students and the faculty members.

English Communication Class at Mazak Raat Leads Literary Society under the supervision of Department of English Linguistics and Literature took its communication classes to the famous comedy show Mazak Raat at Dunya News Channel to let them observe the practical side of the professional life. All the communication students with their instructor Mr Fraaz Mahmud attended the show as audience and met the celebrities afterwards.

Faculty’s Professional Development Programme Department of English Linguistics & Literature, putting another feather in its cap, has started Faculty’s Professional Development Programme in which all the lecturers from the department are invited to sit as participants while one among all, according to the schedule, is supposed to speak to them formally. Head Dr Mahmood Ahmad Azhar addressed the first session of the programme and talked on the ‘Professional Grooming of a Lecturer’. All the members of faculty attended the session and took part in the question answer session. Pro Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Munawar Sultana Mirza was also there. She gave her feedback at the end.

1st Souvenir Picture Ceremony held at the dept The Department of English Linguistics and Literature organised the very first Souvenir Picture Ceremony for its first outgoing Master in English batch 2012-2014 at the Kamahan Campus. Vice Chancellor Dr Safdar Mahmood and Pro Vice Chancellor Dr Munawar Sultana Mirza along with HoD Dr Mahmood Ahmad Azhar exclusively participated and expressed their best wishes for the students

Feryal Gauhar among English Dept students Under the aegis of Department of English Linguistics and Literature Leads Literary Society arranged an interaction of students with a renowned literary figure and political economist Feryal Ali Gauhar. A huge number of literature students participated and interacted with her. She also read some extracts from her novel “No Space for further Burials” and donated a rare copy of her novel to the Leads Library 21/Apr/2014

Dept bids farewell to first Master in English batch Department of English Linguistics and Literature arranged a farewell party for its first outgoing Master in English batch 2012-2014 at the Kamahan Campus. All the students participated in the event and expressed their views about the time they had spent at the university. All the faculty members were also present at the event while HoD Dr Mahmood Ahmad Azhar chaired the event. 21/Apr/2014

(1) : International Peace day was celebrated at Lahore Leads University Main Campus on 3-10-2013 under the aegis of Leads Literary Circle of English Department and Leads Media Society of Mass Communication Department in collaboration with Global Human Rights Defence and Hindu Sudhar Sabha.
Intellectuals and students from various communities interacted on a very important issue and discussed various ways of establishing peace in the country and the world. They also discussed importance of interfaith harmony and benefits of peaceful coexistence.

(2) : Defence Day Celebrations were held under the aegis of Leads Literary Circle. National Songs were sung by students which inculcated in them a sense of patriotism, enthusiasm and national unity.

(3) : Philosophy of shihadat of Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) Leads Literary Circle arranged a sitting entitled "philosophy of shihadat of Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA)" on 12 November 2013. Dr. Mustafeez Alvi delivered a lecture on the lessons of the Karbla incident. Students from various departments delivered speeches and recited poems to pay homage to Iamam Hussain (RA) and his fellows.